Heya ^_^

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Heya ^_^

Message  Gabe le Dim 7 Sep - 22:47

hi everyone,
just liked to say hello to everyone here. ^_^
maybe a few people have me still in mind from the old forum or beta. ^^
I'm the lazy poster. ^^

Btw. good luck with the forum.

another btw. nice background pic. ^^

Sorry for using english I'm still bad in french.

Personal info:
Do not bid on this AMG Cel since it's a fake.


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Re: Heya ^_^

Message  Guerrierinconnu le Lun 8 Sep - 18:53

Gabe my friend lol
you have made a mistake
We are not here anymore !! tongue

read your mailbox Wink and you will have the good path to cel's realm

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